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Can't access remote computers via VPN  



I'm running an Eeros router w/ their mesh network throughout my home. I have a Synology DS918+ serving as a L2TP/IPSec VPN on a Mac

The home network I'm trying to reach via VPN on the DS918+. I want to VNC into my home computer and access a webserver local to that network is running 192.168.4.X. The VPN is assigning and the remote network is running 10.0.2.X.

I can't see to ping anything on the home network, nor VNC, nor access the webserver when the VPN is running. Suggestions?

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Can you share the screenshot for better understanding of the problems as i have face the similar issue in the past i just reconnected the Synology DS918+ connection on my mac. 


change vpn client


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