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Can't login to Orbi management web page using Public Beta of macOS Monterey & Safari


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I can't login to my Orbi web management page using Safari... because it uses a self-signed cert. I am however able to get in using Opera. Just wondered if this is just a bug in the Monterey beta/Safari or is there a way to get it to recognize the cert, I have change the different cert options to verify and clicked on the visit this website to no avail.

I have submitted Beta feedback concerning this issue...

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Well, if you are visiting the page using an non-routable address like 192.168.x.x then you can ignore the cert, just allow it. It's inside your own network so there should be nothing to fear. This is not a bug and every browser will react the same way. 


Basically the page being delivered to your browser, from a device in your internal network (the LAN) is giving the browser a certificate but it can't verify the certificate with a certificate authority to vet its authenticity so it throws up a warning. As I've noted is inside your network so the certificate is not a problem. You can simply click OK in this case.

If the warning were related to an external address like then you should be cautious. This however is inside your network and the cert is coming from a known good source, your own equipment.


I agree that I should be able but, Safari won't let me go there anyway... I can get there using the Opera browser. I have submitted the issue to Apple via the feedback tool and got this response:

"The certificate isn't correctly configured for the TLS connection being made because the KeyUsage defined in the certificate doesn't match the way the key is being used in the TLS connection. Netgear will probably have to update the firmware to produce a TLS certificate that's compatible with the cipher suites selected by their TLS server implementation."

Thanks anyway,



Very blah blah blah for Apple, even if I say so myself.

Had I been delegated to your case I would have asked that you click ok followed by a click on "Visit this website", which you can just see in the lower right of the screenshot you provided.


They didn't need to as I knew what I should have been and had already tried that as you can see by the short video.