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[Solved] DOCSIS 3.1 Modem w/ Voice?  



I have a client who pays for Gig speed & voice through Comcast and wants to buy his own modem. Online searches reveal there are exactly 0 products on sale that offer this? 

I see this one coming at the end of the month and these not for sale at all.

Shouldn't this be a really common thing to want? Am I going crazy?

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Yes. At least for now. But you did find the same Netgear CableModem that will be shipping at the end of the month so what I would do is wait until it ships and then purchase it. No need to rush out and change things that are currently working if a better solution is coming soon.

If you where to do the two cable modem solution you would need to split the coax cable and run separate feeds to each cable modem. Not the most ideal solution as you would need to make sure you had the right kind of coax cable and splitter.

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Thanks for your reply. The main concern for me with two modems wouldn't necessarily be rebooting both, it would be as @brianmonroe said above -- needing to split the coax. 




That's correct. The only options for sale that are an all in one DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, router, wifi access point with voice are the custom ones that Comcast currently uses. You could do would be to get a voice only cable modem and then get a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem/router/wifi access point.

So you would need one of these:

Arris Voice Modem:

Netgear WiFi Cable Modem/Router/WiFi Access Point:

The thing is that you should check in with Comcast before you do this as it is possible this configuration may not be something that they can provision with the speed tier that your client is paying for.

That one you linked to is just a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem with voice. You would still need a router and a WiFi access point.

@brianmonroe, thanks. I am setting the customer up with Eero but they want to stop paying comcast for equipment rental. 




That's good. So if they are going to be setup with an Eero mesh WiFi system then they do not need a Cable Router, just a Cable Modem as the Eero can be the router. That makes it a lot more simple. You still would need 2 boxes though if they want to continue to use DOCSIS 3.1. 

So you could pickup one of these:

Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 CM1000:

But if they want to continue to use voice services from Comcast you would also need the Arris Voice CableModem:

Arris Voice Modem:

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@brianmonroe 2 modems? so just ethernet wire the voice one into the data modem?


I've been running two modems – one data, one voice – for years, and started doing so after a Comcast rep suggested it. I was renting my modem from Comcast at the time, and they told me the service trucks only had replacement modems, not the full gateways, so if something went wrong a tech wouldn't be able to replace the whole thing without waiting several days.

So I paid one rental fee and got two modems from comcast: a DOCSIS 3.0 for data, and an old DOCSIS 2.0 for voice. Obviously I could have used the D2 modem for data, albeit at slower speeds.

When I moved from renting to owning, I simply duplicated the setup. And it made life super easy when I migrated to DOCSIS 3.1 last year: I just replaced my D3.0 modem and all was well... the old D2 modem still runs my telephony.



That's a good setup for you and it does work. My only concern is that for someone who is less technical it is easier for them to just reboot one box and be done with it whenever there is a problem versus having to figure out what box they reboot. Yes, you could put them on a power strip and explain to the client that they just need to power cycle the power strip but I think that it still would be a good idea to wait until the single box solution is shipping at the end of the month as the client in question does have a working setup now so there should not be any rush to change this other than saving money this month versus next assuming that the product ships as expected.