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EERO / Ipad Disconnecting From The Internet  



I have three Eero's on my mesh network at home.  They're first generation, and have been working well for years.  I have no need nor intention to replace them. 

I have noticed that lately, my iPad will, on occasion, disconnect from the internet.  I'm still connected to my mesh network, but cannot communicate externally with mail servers, websites, etc.  This is easily fixed with a quick visit to the iPad's wifi settings, disconnecting and reconnecting to the mesh network.  Then full internet access is available.  I don't notice this with any other devices (and there are many) using the network at home.  This leads me to conclude that this is something unique to the iPad.  I hope its not something requiring repair, but rather, maybe something in the way of settings?  

Any ideas?



Kenny in NJ

I would first check the DNS settings. A lot of times when someone says they cannot connect to the Internet, the DNS servers are not translating names into addresses.


By default, a home gets the DNS server provided by the ISP. But you can tell eero to use your own DNS server
eero app -> Settings -> DNS
you can then set a primary (the most important one as it will be used almost exclusively), and a secondary (only used if the primary times out; not good).


I use OpenDNS as my primary ( and Google DNS server as my secondary


However, there are other choices for DNS servers.

. is CloudFlare and it good is another. is Google's other DNS server
there are many more.


And of course you can tell each device to use its own DNS server. On my iPhone I actually run a CloudFlare app that gives my iPhone the DNS server whether at home or away from home. The CloudFlare app will work for the iPad. A Mac can just easily specify the CloudFlare DNS server in the System Preferneces -> Network -> Advanced -> DNS.

Thanks for the suggestions. I also use opendns. But I don't think its a dns problem, because most of the time, it works properly. Then, every so often, internet sites aren't reachable. As I said above, restarting the connection to the network fixes things. What I might do, though, is try a different DNS setting for the iPad and see if that helps.

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