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Does anyone use VPN service? It is part of the Eero Plus service so was thinking of subscribing. Only negative thing I have read so far is they log IP addresses for 14 days. Thoughts?

I’ve used several VPNs over the years. VPN on limited saferVPN  aand encrypt are very good ones.  Encrypt me is the one I would recommend although it cost $50 a year. The others I’ve purchased for a lifetime subscription and they were good but they do track to you for a period. If you use public Wi-Fi, a VPN is very good and necessary.

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I used when it was Cloak, and really loved it. I still use it occasionally because I've got it with eero plus. It's worked well for me.


I use it exclusively as our VPN for myself and my wife’s system. We have had no issues and find it very easy to use and very effective. I don’t use it as part of Eero Plus because I haven’t bought Eero Plus. I already subscribe to so many of the services in Eero plus I haven’t pulled the trigger on that subscription.


I had several connection problems over the year that I’m seeing hoe it goes without I did prefer them most of the time but became very frustrated with not always being connected by encrypt. So far some of the same issues with VPNunlimited. But must less expensive. Lifetime for 10 devices for $55.  Not really sure how much of a loging problem this is with VPN as all Internet services appeared to log your usage. Except for encrypt. 


I'm a fan of NordVPN ... they claim no logs, volatile RAM and are not subject to US DOJ warrants.   I've found their customer support excellent and good performance on their servers.

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