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Get out your Tin Foil: WiFi, RF, and EMF  



I've had a handful of people contact me in the last year or two asking about EMF, its potential dangers, and how to reduce EMF in the home. This has been something that's hard for me to engage with, as my job as a consultant is to make people's lives more convenient by creating a consistently strong signal everywhere in the house. Plus there isn't really scientific evidence that I know of that shows any harm to EMF, which means I kind of just put my head in the sand with this. Nonetheless some people swear up and down that they are sensitive to it, and I wonder if in 10-20 years there will be an uptick in EMF-related health issues, and people will look at us like the doctors in the 60s who said cigarettes are healthy. I know for myself I prefer to use bluetooth than just keep the phone to my head, and I know other techs who shut off their WiFi at night or mostly hard-wire everything to reduce exposure.

So at the risk of starting a poo-fest here in the forums I thought I'd at least bring up this ElectraHealth Low Radiation Router my client sent me the other day. I have no idea what to think of it. Help?

FYI here's a funny response I got to this from a consultant who gives this stuff a lot more weight than me: "I have not tested any of them but I’ve heard they do cut the levels of RF.  I’m not sure that it’s any more effective than placing tin foil around one and reducing the strength."

Tin foil?! Is that actually a thing?!

Tangent - You can get RFI shielding paint.  The people contacting you which are worried about RF, you can tell them to Google "RF shielding paint" and assume you will not be getting much consulting work from them.

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I also have had people who are concerned about EMF and the potential health problems associated with it. I have also seen many people who are worried about 5G technology being bad for our health. The thing is that in every study I have seen, there has been no provable health risk. So the best you can do is let your clients know that and if they still are adamant that there is a problem it is best to walk away from the work as they are no point working for clients that are not willing to accept facts and logic over feelings.


Anyone see this?




Yep. More of the same. Nothing new there. Like I said above, there is no concrete evidence that has been proven that EMF does pose a threat in the levels that we are using it now.