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Getting first WiFi mesh system - Orbi ax4200 vs eero 6


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I am considering between the Netgear Orbi 6 AX4200 (2 pack) vs the eero 6 (non Pro) 3 router pack (i want all devices with Ethernet). My router died, so I'm using an old Airport Extreme temporarily. I have AT&T fiber at 100Mbps service (now, but might upgrade), in a 2200 sqft 2 story home. I had Ethernet run throughout the walls in the house when built. Since I don't plan to utilize the tri band of the Orbi (unless I move), what other features do you guys know of that might tip the scales for me? With the Disney Circle on the Orbi, and the Zigbee hub on the eero, what other neat or geeky features, gotcha, subscription fees, or things should I consider?

P.S. I am an IT Security Engineer, and former Network Engineer, so I like the more technical features. I'd love to get a Ubiquiti Unifi setup (advanced network design, mDNS multicast, SSID VLAN tagging, etc), but it's out of my budget for now.

Thanks in advance, geeks!

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If you really want a Ubiquiti, then get the first unit, and use the Airport Extreme in bridge mode as a  WiFi extender (using the same SSID and password; a roaming network) until your budget allows getting additional Ubiquiti units.


With your background, you know you want to!

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Yeah, just looked into Ubiquiti again, but I’m worried. My current Ubiquiti UAP AC unit, that is handling my network, is now obsolete and con not be controlled. When my router died, it was my Mac mini, that was running an ESXi server, and hosted a Unifi controller (along with a pfSense router VM). So now, even though there’s nothing wrong with my access point I just can’t use it anymore in the future and have to replace it. I don’t like the way that works with Ubiquiti. I’m looking for alternatives. 

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Reading some bad stuff about eero experiences, but I don't know if it is the majority or not.

Maybe leaning towards the Orbi AX4200 RBK752.

Anyone else have experience with any WiFi 6 mesh systems?


It was running an ESXi server, and hosted a Unifi controller (along with a pfSense router VM). 


First let me start out with I not an expert in networking like yourself but I am a control freak. I also had and an AirPort Extreme base station and another as an extender and (Dave H called it a quasi mesh) 😉

I also have Ethernet was an early adopter of Mesh and so when I decided to get a true mesh WiFi and tried the first model of the Erro. I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t control functions of the network configuration and returned it. I then went with the Orbi RBK50/satellite and it works great! I can control it with a web interface and having more ports made it the perfect solution for me. 

As I understand, the Erro actively/“smartly” manages the network and balances and prioritizes loads putting resources on based on the type things on your network. It’s been a few years and things may have changed on the ability to control the network with the Erro. Bottom line, I like the range I get from the Orbi and a solid network as long as my cable provider doesn’t mess things up!

I would buy at Amazon if you have an Amazon Prime account with free returns, otherwise I would buy locally if they have a good return policy.