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Getting Started With IOT Safe Network


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Hi all,

Newbie still getting started with IOT.

So I have a few IOT meross bulbs and plugs - all setup and working using just IOS home App.

Now with some help - I managed to create a secondary Network just for IOT items (for security)

Next I am attempting to set up a new device using the new safe IOT Network.

On my phone I switched the Wi-Fi network to the new IOT network.

Then I plugged in the NEW meross plug and went to the home app and tried to add new device - scanned the QR code and waited. Previously, other devices worked fine like this however this one ultimately failed.

Also it said things like my other devices are not on this Network…

Goal: ultimately I want to switch all IOT stuff to the safe IOT network. I am not sure how to get this set up.

Q: do I need to first dismantle all the other devices and set them up from scratch on the new net work? Or, what is the best way to switch everything over to the IOT Network?

Thanks - Dave

still curious about this...

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still curious...