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Gigaset VOIP triggering Synology Router suspicious events alert


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I have just updated my Synology RT2600ac to SRM 1.2 and installed the Threat Prevention as suggested recently by Dave.  Since then I've been getting alert emails every 10 minutes saying event type Generic Protocol Command Decode.  It's my Gigaset N300A IP that's the destination, and the source is which when I google it seems to be Siemens Gigaset servers.

So presumably it's not really a threat.  However, it reminded me that the Siemens device sits there on my network, is quite old and never seems to get firmware updates.  I wonder if a device like this could become a risk to my network?

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Yeah, my only complain about Threat Prevention is its default settings are a little too aggressive. I went in and dialed them back *quite* a bit. All good now.