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Grossly different WiFi speeds among new(ish) Mac products?


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I have 1 Gb fiber running to the house. I am even renting the provider's (MetroNet) Eero mesh system until 4E routers come out in 60-90 days.

I can have a 2019 iPad Pro sitting next to my 2020 13" Mac Book Pro (Last Intel) and my 2019 iPhone 11 Pro on the kitchen table less than 10 ft from the Eero gateway and here are my WiFi speeds,

iPad Pro: 410.75 Mbps Down and 500.08 Mbps UP

BOTH the MacBook Pro and the iPhone 11Pro: Less than 90 Mbps Down and only 8-9 Mbps Up.

Apple says there is nothing wrong (and Network Diagnostics said that, too).

So, why the difference?

Thanks in advance for setting me straight.



How is each device connected to the eero?

You can use the eero iPhone utility to see which access point each device is connected to, and whether it is using 5GHz or 2.4GHz.
On the Mac, you can use Option-Click WiFi menu bar icon to find the Phys Mode, and if it is connected 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. The Phys Mode affects the number of bits that get transferred.

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It is unusual to see such a discrepancy between each device on what I hope is indeed the same network.

I suspect that everything is ok now as I am writing months after your post but in cases like this one, make sure the two devices you are comparing are in fact on the same WiFi network. Make sure neither are on your carrier's network as I suspect the slower one is.