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How to set up 2 fully functioning networks from one internet connection?  



I'm trying to advise some folks who are trying to provide internet for their tenants downstairs. Looking for a solution that:

1) provides good coverage for upstairs and downstairs

2) keeps traffic isolated between upstairs and downstairs

3) allows downstairs devices to see each other (e.g. so he could set up a wireless printer)

4) doesn't cost an arm and a leg

5) doesn't require a level 10 IT certification to set up

Is this an impossible dream? 😉

Setting up Eero in the house and allowing the downstairs tenant to use the guest network works for everything except #3. So as far as I could tell the only way to do this is to set up something like a Unifi network then create a VLAN? Sounds time-consuming and expensive? Any other suggestions?


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Could they just configure the guest network for the downstairs and keep the main WiFi network for themselves?


If coverage is not great, then get a mesh network.

I did not know the Guest network would not let other guest see each other.


I think Ubiquiti routers support Virtual Networks, so you could use something like that to create separate virtual networks for tenants and owners

If double NAT is not an issue.
NAT router talks to the broadband connection.
2nd NAT router plugs into the first router and services the owners
3rd NAT router plugs into the first router and services the tenants