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Justifying Purchase of Netgear EX8000 Mesh Extender  



When Dave was on Chit Chat Across the Pond with me, he explained how the newer range extenders can give you some "meshiness" with a traditional router. I wrote up my experience trying to justify getting one (there's math involved!) and thought it might be interesting to some here.

Justifying Purchase of Netgear EX8000 Mesh Extender

Looks like the link to the "justifying" page is no longer valid.

Ack! Sometimes if I mess with it I accidentally set a post to Draft, looks like that's what happened. Thanks for the heads up @jimmeiss!  It's fixed now.

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Thanks for sharing this, @podfeet! Glad to hear that the new meshy-style extenders are providing real value out there. Did the firmware on your R8500 "mesh" up with it? Or is that not kept up-to-date enough with the official "Nighthawk Mesh" setup? (I read your piece last night, but don't recall this being there one way or the other... I might've missed it)


You’ve stumped me there, how would I know? Not sure what I’m looking for.


I'm getting seamless WiFi coverage in my garage and on second floor of my duplex house. It's a great device which is making my wifi go to even extended guest house without network interruptions.