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Measuring my network Wifi throughput?  



With all the talk in recent podcasts about different routers, throughput etc, I thought I'd see if I can run some tests to work out what throughput I'm getting on my Wifi as I move around the house.

However, my broadband connection speed is far lower than my potential Wifi speed so just running the Speedtest app doesn't give a good indication.  For example, if I run speedtest when I'm in my shack, I get 70Mbps which isn't bad as my internet maxes out at about 75Mbps.

My network consists of a Netgear router with Wifi disabled and I use a couple of Unifi access points.  I run the Unifi controller software on a Raspberry Pi and the iOS app has a nifty speed test utility.  Unfortunately the RPi only has a 100Mb ethernet port so that always maxes out at about 90Mbps.

I assume I'd need to load some server software on my Mac with an associated iOS client to be able to do proper throughput testing. 

Can anyone suggest anything for this?  I'm struggling to find anything suitable.


I understand the desire to know just because you want to know and learn. 


But, unless you are doing lots of in your home computer to computer data transfers, the ISP speed is really all you care about. It will always be the limiting factor. Again if not doing in-house data transfers. 


If you have 2 Macs, and you can attach one to Ethernet, you could try a multi-gigabyte file transfer (a movie file, or a saved macOS installer) and just measure the time it takes, then do the math. 

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I appreciate your answer but that’s not really what I want to do.  Walking around the house with my laptop, transferring files with a stopwatch running and then doing calculations is more bother than it’s worth. 

There must be some way to do this, I can’t be the first person wanting to test network throughout. 


Answering myself.

Found one - And this is really good.

TamoSoft throughput test - Available here.  It's a freebie, comes as a server for macOS (and other operating systems), you run it on your Mac and install the client on your iOS device.  Tell it the IP address of the Mac and Bob's your mother's brother.  It gives a rather nice display like this.


The TCP speed is pretty much constant wherever I go in the house and is lower than I'd expect but the UDP speed does vary as I move around and shield myself from the APs.

Pretty cool.