NetGear/SoftTree support.  



Was unable to update the firmware on my NetGear X8 R8500 using the Nighthawk app on my iPhone yesterday. Went to on my iMac. Was presented in a short time with a chat request. Agent. on chat asked for my phone number to have a support agent call. The man who called did apply the update via the NetGear Genie app on my iMac. He also updated the firmware on my wifi extender. He said he saw as lot of spurious activity on my network (I allowed him to use a support program to look at the network.) There were several IP addresses listed on the terminal that were not on my local domain. In short, I wound up signing up for a "home internet security contract", and having him remotely configure my network. 

Am I being too trusting or too paranoid here? The setup reminds me of Norton Internet security. Does anyone have experience with SoftTree? Is this unnecessary or, worse still, a scam?



Wow... I've never heard of that happening, but obviously you were on the phone with real Netgear support. I think you're OK, but I also totally understand why you're cautious!