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[Solved] New Mesh System  



This may be a dumb question, I'm upgrading from a stand-alone router to a mesh (probably Velop). If I give the new mesh the same network name and password as the stand-alone network I'm replacing will all of my devices automatically connect to the new mesh system, saving me logging everything in again? Every time in the past I renamed the network and given it a new password, a real hassle!

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Your devices should be perfectly happy with your mesh network as long as the SSID (network name) and password are identical.

I've done this several times as I've changed out routers.  The most recent switch was from 3 Airport Extremes in a Roaming Network over to an eero mesh network.  Same SSID and password.  All the devices were perfectly happy.


Thank guys, great help.


One thing to be aware of - if you are testing a new router and initially set it up using double-NAT (the "WAN" port of the new router is going to an Ethernet port on your existing router and not directly to your cable modem), do not set it up with the same network SSID/password.

You will have inadvertently created an unstable network - depending upon (randomly) which Wi-Fi access point you connect, you will have IP addresses from different ranges and that will mysteriously affect your ability to see other devices on the network.

This will be painfully obvious if you are using wireless Sonos speakers or other IoT (I "got caught" by this recently too.)


Yep, as @datafornothinandbitsforfree noted, your devices should happily jump to your new network so long as SSID, password, and encryption type are identical.

I do this all the time here as I’m testing a new system, and no one is the wiser. 😉


Installed Velop today, everything seems to be working well. Very easy to install.