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Orbi router-why are my son's devices listed???


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Hello-I was using the Orbi app on my iPhone to see what devices are connected to my Orbi router. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there are 61 devices listed-listed but no green dot so not connected. BUT why are they listed at all? My son lives about 20 miles from me, does not have an Orbi so... It's very odd I think. Just wondering if anyone has any explanation for this oddity. Thanks, Judy

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Well, it sounds like your Orbi is keeping track of who was ever connected at one point or another but none of those devices were currently connected when you looked at the screen with the info you described.

It's possible your son visited your mom and was on your Orbi's wifi. I think the iPhones can be configured to use random MAC Addresses and this may generate a record on your Orbi that appears to represent many different devices that connected, each with their own MAC address but this would likely just be your son's phone generating MAC addresses.

I am not entirely sure as I don't own an Orbi and my iPhone is back from the stone ages.

If you could provide more info, particularly which Orbi you own and where in the interface you are seeing these values. I might be able to investigate further. I don't need to know specific MAC addresses that you see just where you navigate to on your Orbi's web interface and which model it is.