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Synology RT2600ac not accessing Internet


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Hi folks, 

I’ve had this router for a few years. I submitted a trouble ticket to Synology at least 48 hours ago but I haven’t heard boo from them. I’m hoping you might have some additional troubleshooting suggestions.
My Synology Router stopped recognizing there was a verified internet connection attached.   I can login to the router. The router provides inter-device connectivity on “my side” of the router.  The router Network Center Status page shows Internet Connection = Disconnected (image attached). The status lights on the front panel are all green, including the WAN and LAN lights (image attached.)
My first troubleshooting steps were to turn the device off for ~1 minute, with no improvement. Then I disconnected the power for 5 minutes, and after restarting the router there was no change. 
Next, I connected my computer directly to the cable modem using a separate ethernet cable, and after getting Comcast to execute a reset on the modem, I had Internet access (by bypassing the router.) However, when I connected the router back to the modem, and power cycled the router (multiple times) I still don’t have access to the internet via router and the direct connect to the modem still works. 
Thank you,
Bill Weller

Did you power cycle the cable modem? Generally they will lock onto the first Ethernet MAC (Media Access Control) address they see, until they are power cycled.


So if you are swapping devices connected to the cable modem, you need to power cycle the modem between each device swap.

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No I haven't. I'll try that shortly, when my Zoom meeting underway is completed.  Thanx!


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Hey Data....,  That was the issue! My router is now passing Internet packets!  Thank you!