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Synology RT2600AC Wifi Connection/Password issue  



Curious issue.  I’ve recently purchased a very well maintained Retina 15” MacBook Pro 2015.  Around this same time, my Synology RT2600AC started giving me a password issue across many of my devices, but not all, in which I get an incorrect password error for which I know I typed in correctly.  When this happens, it will not accept the correct password until the 3rd or 4th time I reenter the password or a restart the device.  Once connected, it usually stays connected until the device goes to sleep.  I first suspected my new MacBook Pro but the problem then spread to my 2015 iPad and a few of my amazon devices like Echo Dots and Fire Tv’s.  I changed my SSID to see if they problem would follow but only connected a few devices like my iPad, new MacBook Pro and iPhone without issue.  I then removed the old SSID from advanced network settings from my Mac thinking this would remove the password data from iCloud.  Replacing my SSID to the previous SSID on the router and reentering the password brought back the issue of the rejected password.  As a last ditch effort, I made my guest network into a Internet of Things SSID and moved all my Amazon Echo dots, Nest thermostat, and August Doorbell to the IOT SSID, but this changed nothing.  Anyone have any other ideas to try?

Have you fixed the password issue, I'm starting to see that with my Synology RT2600AC...