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I approach 

TWC Email Login

  for my issue as someone in my contact list sends messages asking for cash to individuals. They put in the spam filter the contact's messages, so the answers go to spam. I haven't clicked on any email links, so I don't know how they keep getting the password. Someone was talking about a bot. I also ran malware bytes and SUPERAntiSpyware, but only non-critical adware turned up. Any suggestions about my next move to TWC email login issues?

Thank you! in advance

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email return addresses can be faked with trivial ease.  All someone needs to do it know an email address and then send an email with a fake return address.

And contact lists have been hacked before, and it is not uncommon to collect them and send email to someone's contacts with that someone as the fake return address.

email is not secure,

Does that come close to addressing your questions?

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@datafornothinandbitsforfree - I'm pretty certain the above message is spam. 90% of the time any post that has a link will be spam