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Trouble with pool IoT device connecting to WiFi on a Ubiquiti Unifi network


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Hi there,

I'm new to Unifi but really enjoying the features and customizability of the platform. This question is for anyone with experience or savvy working with Unifi networks.

I set someone up with a Unifi network to replace their existing setup. They live in a rural area and have a static IP from line-of-sight ISP. Configuring the USG was tricky because of this, so I kept their old linksys router and turned the radios off. So I have the following equipment installed:

• Unifi PoE switch

• Cloud Key

• 1 UAP-AC-PRO wired at the router

• 1 UAP-AC-PRO wireless downstairs

Everything seems to be doing well, except he told me his iAqualink device no longer connects. I kept his SSID & WiFi password the same. After calling their support it turns out the device needs to connect via 802.11 b/g on the 2.4Ghz band, so it seems like it's getting confused having the 5Ghz band showing up and can't connect. He lives somewhat far away from me, so if I can fix this without going on-site that would be great. I'm thinking about a couple of options, and wondering if anyone here can advise:

• locate the device in the back end of the cloud controller and force it to connect via B/G only. Would need some help to figure this out though.

• shut off the 5Ghz band on the downstairs device. This wouldn't pose any problems now because his line-of-sight connection gives him very slow throughput now as it is. However once he was able to switch ISPs or upgrade to a faster speed it would be a shame to have the downstairs devices bottle-neck at 2.4 Ghz throughput

• create a separate SSID and call it "pool wifi", configure it to force 2.4 Ghz only, and then connect the pool device to that. This would be ok but requires me to go on-site program the device to the new network credentials.

• any other creative ways of dealing with this I haven't thought of?


Thanks so much for your help and advice.


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Hey, @tech_hero. I'm running a _very_ similar config with UniFi right now (no USG because I'm using my RT2600AC as my router, but I do have a UniFi Cloud Key, Switch, and APs running).

And for my Molekule units – which still seem to have Wi-Fi issues when there are multiple access points with the same SSID – I did something very similar to what you suggest. I created a 2.4GHz-only network on a single access point, and, for the most part, that's been working well. It's not perfect, and the Molekules still go offline sometimes, but it works.

And, for your scenario, I think this is the right option. Yes, it requires an on site visit, but in the end I think it's probably best. 

Thanks so much @datafornothinandbitsforfree and @davehamilton. Really appreciate it.


I know nothing about the Unifi, but the separate 2.4GHz SSID would be ideal from a client perspective.