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Unable To Connect To The Internet


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Hello everyone, Mueller here. I have had a strange problem since yesterday. On my home network, all my other devices are working properly, but not my MacBook Air 2020. It shows "you are not connected to the internet". I do not know what is causing this problem. A friend of mine shared this article with me which helped him to solve this kind of issue for his Windows PC in the past.
So my question is there any solution for MACs also? Has anyone ever faced such problems? If so, how did you solve this problem? Any kind of response would be greatly appreciated.

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hi there i m facing this strange issue too while connecting to the internet , is your problem solved? i dont know what to do may be i guess its cause of so much load i have installed on my device cause of office work sometimes i doubt may be its malware i dont know this but i wanna know how you solved this issue if its already solved !!!!


Have you tried resetting the wifi interface? For example, the article
explains how to do that--at least in Oct 2019.

An alternative is to try a different network interface--via ethernet for example. This may require an adaptor, e.g a USB to ethernet adaptor, depending upon what model Mac you have.