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VPN Not allowing connection to Internet on Nighthawk Router


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I have the Netgear Nighthawk R8000 router and when I use VPN (ProXPN is my service) it does not connect to the internet but I am able to connect to the service. What could be blocking the traffic? No settings have changed on the router as far as I know I have check the obvious stuff. Anyone have any ideas?

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Are you connecting the router to ProXPN or are you connecting your Mac to it?

If it's the router (forgive me, I don't have one running at the moment to look), what does it show as the connection status and IP and gateway and all that? Can you post a screenshot here?

I am using the ProXPN client and connecting my mac to it so I am not connecting the router to VPN directly. I even tried using the client on a Windows machine so I have to think the router is blocking it. I will have to look when I get home to do a screenshot but the status was connected and I had the 10.x IP addresses I set it up. When VPN is connected I cannot even get to the router using Once I disconnect from ProXPN it connects fine.


Check in the router settings to see if it's set to allow VPN traffic to pass through. There's often a section where you can configure that.


Basic network troubleshooting tools in Terminal like ping & traceroute & netcat can help determine where you are being blocked.

But also double check your account status at proXPN - if for instance there is a payment problem your account with them may allow you to connect but not pass any data through.

And the other standard network troubleshooting I frequently use when there is any suspicion about a router or IP address, is to temporarily connect my Mac via cellular wifi hotspot then do the same sort of tests.

PS. It is normal that the address "" wouldn't work when you have the VPN turned on. That address is normally intercepted by the router before any other DNS resolution happens, but when VPN is active the router can't see the address so can't intercept it.

Update to this.  I know my ProXPN account is good I was able to connect on another internet connection. I did a factory reset of the Nighthawk and that seemed to help after I added all my settings back. 


You may need to check your router settings and make sure to allow VPN traffic to pass through. Otherwise, visit this for other solution