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WiFi roaming and handoff questions with mesh  



I set up quite a few Eero networks, and as I'm instructing my clients on the app, a lot of them inevitably ask as they're roaming around the house why their phone is still connected to a further access point than the one that is nearest and strongest. I have to show them how to turn WiFi off and on in order to connect to the nearest access point to test the wifi speed in a room. People also want to walk around the house making a Skype call, for instance  -- and currently it seems like our WiFi tech is not at the point where seamless handoff between devices is happening. I had heard that enterprise equipment could do this, and that future versions of WiFi (WiFi 7? 8?) would supposedly be smoother. I found a couple of articles: here and an older one here. Anyone care to weigh in? Are we still in the reality of needing to wait, or are current mesh systems starting to be capable of doing this?