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Wifi stops working unless random restart  



If my macbook pro 15" 2018 goes idle for too long the wifi seems to sometimes just be completely cut off. And it only works again if I restart the laptop. Is that normal? Is there any fix? I've tried weird things like shutting wifi on and off and switching wifis but nothing seems to do anything until the computer is restarted which can be annoying when I have so many things opened for work.


Do you have an anti-virus package installed? Or LittleSnitch?

I have seen anti-virus packages mess up networking.

LittleSnitch, when misconfigured, can mess up networking?


If you boot into “Safe” mode, does your networking still go away?

This will not load any 3rd party additions, it will load some more conservative Apple drivers (may cause screen flicker), and it will clear some kernel caches (a cache is saved data in a form that can speed up a program, but is totally redundant to the original source, and thus can be safely cleared). Booting into Safe mode is just an experiment, but can frequently eliminate any 3rd party interference, or a cached item out-of-sync with the world. (Verify Safe mode via Applications -> Utilities -> System Information -> Software -> Boot Mode -> Safe vs Normal)

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Interesting, thanks, I'll try that. The only thing like that that I use is a VPN. No anti virus software or other. And that could make sense. I could potentially try switching over to openVPN software potentially if that would make it easier.