Are CD keys legit and which are the safe places?

What’s a CD Key?

A CD Key is a written combination of different characters contained on a card, disk, or ticker included in the box of your game. In case you bought the cdkey on the internet where no physical product is being shipped, you’ll get a receipt for your purchase that will usually contain the cd keys or so called digital download products.

Marketplaces such as Kinguin, g2a, Instant-Gaming, Greenmangaming or are some of the most popular websites that sell cd keys and offer the products at lower prices with instant delivery. Bear in mind that some of those websites don’t sell the cd keys – those gamedeals are offered by the sellers registered on the platform.

Are they legit?

Thousands of sellers are competing everyday, trying to offer better hotdeals than the competition. The most popular sellers have cd key discount codes or even free keys, but those are usually offered for the less popular games.

The sellers are ordinary users with a few unused keys that they’d want to convert into some additional money. The keys they offer come from giveaways, bundles, gifts, or similar. Such codes, as with all other codes, have been generated by game developers and publishers; thus, they are not scams – it’s entirely legit to use them. So in case you run into a cheap product with the cdkey, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam. If you buy on a well-known, trusted platform, no worries; you’ll get what you paid for – Original game (program, bundle or some other feature).

Now you probably wonder how the sellers got the cd keys? The answer is simple: They buy in bulk from publishers and developers all around the world. Sometimes you can find top pc games (or even cheap games for ps4 or Xbox) for a low price. That’s because the seller wants to get rid of them. Again, competition is big, so it’s not easy for sellers to have all of their items sold, because they bought them in bulk. But they get the products at significantly lower prices – it’s up to them how they will sell it later.

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CD key games and Softwares

When you browse the internet, you probably run into some of your favourite products that are significantly cheaper than expected. You probably wondered how is that possible?

The websites where you can buy those products (,,, Gamesplanet and similar) will sell you the game with the CD Key which you can use to activate it.

How do such platforms make money, and where did they get those keys?

That depends on the website you’re visiting; they use a different approach, but the method is the same.

For example, purchases its products in bulk from undeveloped countries of the third world. All products are cheaper in those countries, in order to be sold in the local market. Once they bought it, resells such game key codes to the customers in more developed, first world countries, for a much lower price than they were initially offered.

On the other hand, websites like Kinguin or g2a don’t sell the copies of the product. They are kind of a marketplace, where you can find any product you want, including Windows activation keys, skins for Counter-Strike GO, most popular games keys (Red Dead Redemption, GTA V, Fortnite V-bucks, Apex Legends and pretty much all the existing games ). You can even buy software (antivirus programs and even paid computer programs like Windows 10 pro OEM, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe, and many others). Those platforms are earning from the profit of the merchants selling on those websites and it’s around 15% of the value of the product.

This strategy – buying different products in bulk (activation keys, game codes, bundles, etc.) all around the world is what ensures the lowest prices.

Of course, you can always run into some stolen keys, keys that are already in use, and pay for nothing. There is a possibility to pay for some symbolic membership (usually between $5 – $10) which will have a money-back guarantee if your product key doesn’t work. This relates to websites where products are sold by a third party, not by the owners of the website.

Do I have to browse all those websites to find the cheapest solution?

Luckily, you don’t. Some platforms compare the prices of all resellers’ websites, quickly browsing through their products and coming up with the list of the site where you can buy the product, along with the price. The one I enjoy the most is Cdkeybay, it’s fast, easy to use and it comes up very fast with the cheapest option for every product. There are a bunch of other platforms out there, feel free to try them as well, but be aware that most of them have some search engine issues, and will not come up with the best solutions.

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Buying Cdkeys is safe and legal?

Bottom’s line, it’s safe and legal to buy on all of these platforms. You’ll save the money and get the original product. The most popular platform for selling CD Keys products is g2a, but you should check the other platforms mentioned above. Cdkeybay or some similar website can help you find what you’re looking for faster, so you should check it out as well if you want to make sure you didn’t miss something.

Remember, you’re not doing anything illegal here; These products are usually bought in the countries of the third world for a lower price, and they’re purchased directly from the publishers, so there’s nothing to worry about – your game will always stay active.