Comparing Apple’s 2007 iPhone With Today’s Model

You will often hear people say that the technology industry grows and evolves at a hugely impressive rate. As technology is sort of the umbrella in this discussion, with many things falling under the tech banner, it’s smartphones where our focus lies today. There’s no denying that they have come a long way over the last decade or so, and with the original iPhone now around 12 years old, we wondered how it stacked up to one of the latest models.

There’s no denying that when the first Apple iPhone dropped in 2007 it made a huge impact in the mobile phone industry, and in some ways, it would be classed as iconic and highly innovative. However, the industry has come a long way since then. There are several features that Apple introduced with the iPhone of 2007 – a 320×480 pixel display, a 2 mega-pixel camera, a touch-based user interface and a design which featured rounded corners – with these features being ingenious at the time.

One of the immediate comparisons we will immediately be drawn to, involves the onboard cameras. While in 2007 a 2 mega-pixel camera was something to get genuinely excited about, the latest iPhone models not only support up to 12-megapixel cameras but features such as optical zoom and the ability to capture wide angles and telephoto pictures too. The latest iPhones are streets ahead in this area, with improvements being made with every device released.

Everybody will have heard of iOS, the system which iPhone’s run off. A smartphone’s firmware is key to how it performs and what a device can do, with the iPhones of 2007 starting out at iOS 1. We’re now at iOS 12.2, showing just how far the firmware and software side of iPhones has managed to come in a relatively short space of time. The firmware is now unrecognisable, packing a much greater and more impressive punch across the board. This translates in users being able to pretty much anything with their mobile device, be it winning a prize at mFortune bingo to banking and shopping on eBay.

For the techier folk out there, it could be in the power stakes where the biggest comparisons are made. So 12 years ago, Apple relied on third party suppliers when it came to putting the power into their devices through the CPU. Now, Apple have their world renowned in-house designed A11 Bionic chip in action, with the A12 Bionic already surpassing our expectations. The original iPhone of 2007 shipped with up to 8gb of on-board storage available to the user, while RAM was limited to 128mb. Now, we are getting 3gb of RAM as standard, with on-board memory reaching levels of up to 256gb.

Comparing the Apple iPhone of 2007 to the latest models such as the iPhone X tells you one thing, that the industry has evolved at a very impressive rate. When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, it was everything people expected it to be and more, but as technology improves quickly, it soon became outdated. In fact, you could say that of today’s models, with Apple already working on their next handsets with the latest tech in mind.