Compressing Large Video Files: Easy Way to Compress MP4 File from 1GB to 100MB on Mac

“How to compress a video file from 1GB to 100MB? I wish to download some video tutorials for my office work. Still, my Mac doesn’t have the appropriate file space to store the data. Can I compress those videos to the right size? If yes, then what is the best way to perform video file compression?”

Video with good quality generally takes up vast storage space on any gadget such as a PC or smartphone. Though it is recommended to view the stream/video in high-definition, you may find some issues performing such as task. It is because of some specific limitations of your device. You might not have a suitable video player installed on your PC, or it could be due to the Mac’s low storage space.

However, if you still wish to play specific videos on your system and without having to compromise on the display quality, then you can compress the size of the file. You can do that by using a handy video conversion software.

In this article, you will know which video compression tool is better suited to your requirement. Additionally, we will share the fastest method to use the program to compress large video files.

  • Part 1. The Best Tool to Compress your Video Files is the UniConverter
  • Part 2. How to Compress Video Files using the UniConverter?
  • Conclusion

Part 1. The Best Tool to Compress your Video Files is the UniConverter:

During the process of video file compression with a simple file conversion tool, there is a chance that it may not support the file format of your video. It is why it is essential to use a quality video compressor that can access every known file format. For that, we recommend using the UniConverter by Wondershare to compress large video files to the size that is apt for your Mac.

Screenshot of WonderShare Video Converter

The program not only performs your video compression task at 30x faster speed, but it can also do multiple other jobs. These jobs include converting the video’s file format and editing/trimming it. You wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of your video file as the UniConverter supports 4K videos as well. Here are some of the additional features of UniConverter Video Compression Software:

  • The application is conveniently available on both Windows and macOS;
  • You can convert your video files to 1000 different formats;
  • The new version of the UniConverter has the Screen Recorder feature that gives you multiple recording options such as webcam/audio recording;
  • You can also convert your audio data to several known file formats;
  • The app is capable of burn videos to DVD/CD.

In the next section of the article, we will discuss a convenient way to use the UniConverter to compress large MP4 files. You will be able to lessen the size of a 1GB video to 100MB easily.

Part 2. How to Compress Video Files using the UniConverter?

If you wish to use the UniConverter to compress any large video, then firstly you need to download the software on your system. Correctly install the program on the Mac and follow the steps stated below to perform video file compression.

Step 1. Run the UniConverter Video Compression Tool and Add Any Video to Compress:

Launch the application on your system. Once the app opens, you will see a vertical list of features on the left side of the interface. Click on the “Video Compressor” option. Add the video file that you wish to compress and proceed to the next step.

Screenshot of WonderShare Video Compressor with Walk The Line compressing

Step 2. Add Suitable Settings for the Video before Compressing it:

Click on the Gear or Settings icon to change the things listed below before performing the video compression:

  • File Size: The tool will provide the chance to learn the file size of the video;
  • Resolution: The UniConverter will automatically set the resolution settings for the video based on the file size you had selected;
  • Quality: This section will determine the quality of the original video;
  • Bit-Rate: You can change the processing speed of the video file;
  • Format: The tool will allow you to select the suitable file format for the soon to be compressed video.

Screenshot of WonderShare Video Compressor selecting preferred output size and format

Click on the OK tab and follow the next instruction.

Step 3. Compress the Added Video:

Click on the Compress button and let the UniConverter perform its job. The video compression procedure will take some time, depending on the file size of the video. The software will automatically save the compressed file to the location you had picked before starting the whole process.

Screenshot of WonderShare Video Compressor


Video streaming requires a flawless streaming experience to understand the contents of the file correctly. If for some reason, your system is unable to play a video with ample storage space, then you can use the UniConverter to compress it a suitable size.

The app has introduced many new features with the latest version. So, if you are using an outdated version, then update it, and utilize the newest facilities of the program.

If you wish to perform video compression without any software, then you can access the Online UniConverterthrough your web browser. The online platform will convert, compress, and edit videos at a quick rate.