We’ve mentioned many Mac emulators, but The Next Web found another called PCE Macplus emulator running Mac OS System 7. There’s a couple of version on James Friends’s website, but this one will let you play Dark Castle and The Oregon Trail in all their Mac Plus grayscale glory. There’s also MacDraw, MacPaint, Microsoft Works 3.0, Pagemaker 2.0 (😍), and utilities like ResEdit 2.1.3. All of this runs right in your browser through Javascript, so check it out.

Check It Out: Play Risk and Oregon Trailer on MacPlus System 7 Emulator

Play Risk and Oregon Trailer on MacPlus System 7 Emulator

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  1. CudaBoy

    Indeed the screen was monochrome on the first Plus’ though you could hook up monitors via SCSI on the ‘Plus’. This thread should be called How To Kill An Hour in No Time Flat….man, I haven’t had so much fun killing time while also taking a trip down a good ol’ memory lane- in a looong time. Even the old Puzzle – what a hoot. The opening chimes are correct as well. I run Pro Tools and the Adobe Suite too often – I forgot how cool 8 bit games were and SCREW Photoshop when you have KidPix!!!! – the only thing missing is the music.

  2. CudaBoy

    Or, you can live in Hollywood where you can get all sorts of working Mac Plus’, Se, SEx, IIs, IICI’s and PowerMacs for free from any dumpster near a studio or electronics store. I have a bunch of ’em. Thankfully I also have a set of Apple System 6 floppies all 8 of ’em plus original CD’s of OS 7, 8 and 9. If anybody needs Disk Image copies just hit me up. What I really wish somebody would regurgitate is the TINY 8 pixel x 8 pixel DA games that you could get on the Mac Plus/Se units – Billiards, Bowling and Pong were some of these way tiny DA games about 1″ square on the screen. These were 8 bit computers David, hence 256 shades of grey; 16 bit II’s and IICi’s and later supported 16.7 million colors.

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