Check out this great video called (rather ominously) 1999 AD. This was a promo film by the Philco-Ford corporation. Philco was a once-great electronics giant purchased by Ford in 1960, hence Philco-Ford. I’ve posted a couple of these videos, where 1960s companies predicted what the future would be like. This one is interesting, in part, because as far off as it is, it gets a lot of things surprisingly close. I mean, sure, 1999 wasn’t made up of remote workers living in honeycomb modular houses, but check out some of the networked computing ideas, health data being collected and analyzed, flat screens where a computer tells the lady of the house what she can fix and whether that meets their daily nutritional needs. Amara’s Law states, “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” That’s certainly on display in this video, but you can glean so much about life in the past from looking at how they saw the future. Oh, and check out that super awesome Ford concept car in the opening minutes, right after the scary intro music and dystopian walk along the water’s edge. And remember this was released a year before The Planet of the Apes was released.

Check It Out: Check Out What 1999 Was Supposed to Look Like in 1967

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