2016 MacBook Pro vs. 1989 Macintosh Portable: FIGHT

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Think the 2016 MacBook Pro is overpriced and underpowered? Check out this comparison video of Apple’s latest laptop with the company’s first portable computer, 1989’s Macintosh Portable. While far from an in-depth technical analysis, the video offers some nice HD shots of how design at Apple has changed over the past 27 years. Bonus points for the Jean-Louis Gassée archival footage.

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  1. davidneale: You could pull the trackpad and keyboard out and arrange them as you pleased, or swap out the trackball assembly for a numeric keypad (plus an external mouse).

    As for cost, compare with Apple’s other models at the time: SE ($3900), SE/30 ($4800), IIx ($7800).

    And the reference point people had was mainly to compare it to the Compaq Portable: a CRT-loaded, 23-pound beast. Compaq introduced their LTE model (at a stunning 6.7 pounds) about the same time as the Mac Portable, resetting everyone’s expectations about what a portable computer meant.

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