Ecosia is a non-profit search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches. So far it has now planted over 120 million trees across 9,000 planting sites worldwide. The current rate is a new tree planted every 1.3 seconds.  Ecosia makes advertising revenue like other search engines, but it takes 80-100% of that to reinvest into its tree planting projects around the world. It’s also a private engine, as it does not permanently store users’ searches and they are deleted after a week. Ecosia does not sell any user data to advertisers, all searches are encrypted and it doesn’t use any external tracking tools. And with iOS 14.3, Apple users can choose Ecosia as their main search engine in Settings > Safari > Search Engine.

Check It Out: Plant Trees for Earth Day 2021 by Using ‘Ecosia’

Plant Trees for Earth Day 2021 by Using ‘Ecosia’
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