Loads of cool videos showing how compelling iOS 11’s ARKit is are popping up and the latest comes from Trixi Studios. They recreated the hand sketched style from the 1980’s A-ha “Take On Me” music video, but instead of working with a series of drawings they let ARKit do the heavy lifting. The result is a real-time version of the video you can walk through and watch as other people switch from themselves into drawings. It’s yet another example of the huge potential in ARKit.

Check It Out: A-ha’s Take On Me Recreated with ARKit is Frakking Awesome

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  1. MacVader

    This is so cool 🤗 The videoclip in the 80’s was such an amazing new thing.

    But to see that today it’s possible to recreate something like this with ARKit is mindblowing to me.

    And it’s still a great song with a awesome videoclip 😊

    Ps. Damn this also shows i’m getting old 🤔

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