Most robocall blocker apps try to determine phone numbers used by spammers, but telemarketers and spammers don’t always use the same numbers, or they figure out devious ways to spoof caller id to get around being blocked. Firewall is a call blocking app that works the opposite way: you create a list of people you want to be able to ring your phone, and all others get blocked or sent to voicemail. The voicemail transcription lets you quickly see who called you, what they wanted, and you can determine if you want to call them back or not. Firewall stops unwanted disruptions and puts you back in control over your phone. Firewall is built by Ad Hoc Labs, the company that makes Burner, a second phone number app. You can read more on their blogApp Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

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  1. JustCause

    Doesn’t “Do Not Disturb” basically do this? You have the option to only have the callers from you Contacts get through.

  2. MacTechFreak

    How trust worthy is the company for us to allow all of our calls to be forwarded through them?

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