Adobe Lightroom Comes to Apple TV

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Adobe Lightroom is already available on the Mac, iPad and iPhone, and now it’s on Apple TV, too. The Apple TV version won’t let you edit images, but it does display Lightroom galleries on your big screen TV. You can view photos synchronized with the iPad version, or uploaded through Lightroom on the Web, view photos in slide shows, and zoom in on image details, too. Installing Lightroom (free) on your iPhone or iPad first makes it show up in purchased apps on your Apple TV. You’ll need a fourth generation Apple TV and a Creative Cloud account, too.

Check It Out: Adobe Lightroom Comes to Apple TV

Adobe Lightroom Comes to Apple TV

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  1. CudaBoy

    If Apple TV were to manage semi Pro apps like Lightroom, it would be cool if ATV had some sort of software TV/Monitor calibration App that would adjust home TVs to some sort of pro gamut so designers could trust the colors on screen to PMS standards.

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