LAS VEGAS – Kickstarter darling Advanced Sound has just released a set of universal fit, dynamic driver earphones built for musicians to use as in-ear monitors for just US$24.99 per pair. The Advanced S2000 features a single 10mm dynamic in each earpiece, and they’re designed to loop the cable over the ear to stay in place on stage. The low price point is intentional: they know that musicians wind up getting their in-ear cables pulled or earphones crushed in a gig bag, and their thought is to make them inexpensive enough that one doesn’t worry about replacement costs. The sound? I haven’t tried them on stage, but I did try them in my hotel room and on the show floor. They have a great sound with a high-mid boost that actually matches what I prefer for on-stage. That lift gives vocals a little more presence, and is exactly what you want. For $24.99, these will remain in my gig bag as spares or a rehearsal set, for sure. If you just want to listen to music, the original $39.99 M4 would likely be a better choice, as the EQ is a little smoother for that purpose.

Check It Out: CES – Advanced S2000 Dynamic On-stage In-ear Monitors at Budget Price

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