AirPort Utility Updated for iOS 13

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Apple updated AirPort Utility to version 1.3.6 on Tuesday, the first update to the software in a year. The patch notes specify little or nothing, but it’s a safe bet it was updated to better work with iOS 13 (which was updated to iOS 13.1.3 Tuesday, as well).

Check It Out: AirPort Utility Updated for iOS 13

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  1. Paul Goodwin

    I don’t see that anything has changed in the iPad AirPort Utility. It looks exactly the same to me. It still displays all the wireless clients as Hex addresses – totally useless in identifying which client is is. You have to create your own secret An ie decoder ring by interrogating your router to get the names that match the hex addresses in AirPort Utility. The Mac OS version is only slightly better. It shows some names but hex addresses for others. I’ve posted on Apple Discussion forum about it and even the experts there don’t understand why Apple doesn’t fix this.

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