The new Touch Bar MacBook Pro doesn’t include an Ethernet port—just like Apple’s other laptops—and despite the company’s long list of adapters, it doesn’t make a USB-C to Ethernet dongle. Apple offers Belkin’s USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapter but it’s back ordered 7 to 10 weeks, which isn’t much help if you need one now. Anker, however, is selling one on Amazon that’s shipping now, and it’s less expensive than Belkin’s at US$22.99 instead of $26. Anker has a solid reputation, which is why I already ordered mine. Bonus: Amazon Prime members get two-day free shipping.

Check It Out: Need Wired Networking on Your Touch Bar MacBook Pro? Anker’s USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is Available Now

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  1. gnasher729

    My MBP is several years old and has no ethernet port; nothing new. Now I have a £2.99 USB-2 adapter, no gigabit ethernet…

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