Samsung made a big noise about the launch of its latest folding smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip. As we know, most previous attempts at creating such a device have not gone well. At all. (I suspect this is why Apple hasn’t launched one, and why we’ve seen very few indications that it will in the near future.) YouTuber JerryRigtEverything decided to test the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z, to see if it really was made of glass, as the company claims. He also investigated how durable the device is. The results do not make pretty viewing for Samsung.

Check It Out: Another Flip Phone Fails a Durability Test

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  1. geoduck

    Ok he abused the hell out of the phone. But that aside, what I took away was a fantastically solid hinge design, but a plastic screan that should not be on a modern phone. Worse yet Samsung is lying about the material. Also even before he started the abuse there was a distinct ripple at the hinge point, just like I’ve said there would be since this folding phone, folding tablet nonsense started. I might be willing to put up with something like this on a phone. But there is no way I would want to be drawing or painting on a surface that was not absolutely flat.

  2. aardman

    It is really beyond me how billion-dollar multinational firms REPEATEDLY roll out new products that fail right out of the starting gate. Why do they keep doing this and where do they find customers who either don’t care or never learn?

  3. wab95


    It was not fair to ruin a perfectly good marketing story with an empirical test.

    I think that it was totally unfair for JerryRigEverything to put this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone on trial. The Galaxy flip phone, had no time to prepare its defence, or cross examine what tests he was going to use. Who knew he would actually scratch the glass? And besides, the whole thing was a fake. A hoax. A total witch hunt. JerryRigEverything rigged the whole thing. I bet if we did some digging, we’d find that this guy bought some Apple products at some point in his life. What a loser. He should apologise to Samsung, and Samsung should receive a full pardon for their Galaxy flop, I mean flip phone – whatever – failing a totally rigged and unfair test.

    From now on, all tests on these phones should be conducted by Samsung employees, their supporters or their family members. And it should be posted only on Samsung TV. That way, we’ll all know that it was a fair assessment.

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