AnyFont 3.0 makes the app a better font management system. Create folders and sub folders to manage all your fonts; install all within one folder, move fonts in and out of folders, and manage folders and sub folders through a menu. on iPad, you can use AnyFont in Slide Over and Split View mode. Drag & Drop fonts from other apps into AnyFont 3.0, or add fonts from Dropbox or iCloud Drive without having to exit the app. You’ll see font information like creator, copyright, or font family. Share fonts by mail, message, WhatsApp, AirDrop, and more. Fonts you have already installed with have a helpful check mark next to them. In the future, AnyFont plans to add iCloud sync, Google Drive integration, Files integration, and a lot more. App Store: US$1.99 (Offers In-App Purchases).

Check It Out: AnyFont 3.0 Brings Folders, iCloud Drive Integration, and More

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