App Camp For Girls spends a week teaching 8th and 9th grade girls about iOS development. First, teams spend time in Xcode, building a quiz app. Then at the end of the week, each team presents a pitch for their app to a panel of investors. Then at the end of each summer, all the all the quizzes built in all the sessions are compiled into a Quiz Compendium. It’s up to each team to choose a quiz topic, and the door is wide open as far as subjects. This year’s quizzes include “Who Are You in a Cliched Young Adult Novel?” and “What Fruit Are You Most Like?” as two of the 18 in the app. Now that it’s available, pick up the 2016 Compendium for 99 cents, and all sales go to App Camp. (Full Disclosure: Kelly is one of the original App Camp For Girls volunteers.)

Check It Out: App Camp For Girls Quiz Compendium

App Camp For Girls Quiz Compendium

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