I had an interesting app cross my desk this week called I’m Coming. It’s a GPS-based app that will automatically send updates to people letting them know how far away you are. For instance, you’re driving across country to visit your family. I’m Coming will notify the people you designate on your progress. No texts to and from you while you’re driving. And your family doesn’t have to bug you or wait for you to let them know where you are. Or, you’re driving across town for an important meeting. Same thing, rather than (illegal) texts in the middle of city driving, I’m Coming will notify your peers. [Edit: Or the kids you’re going to pick up. Think—be ready when I show up.] It’s an interesting idea that I haven’t seen in an app. It lets you save both your contacts and trips, and users can customize their messages, notification intervals, and profile. This app was developed by Don Kimenker—long-term Mac fans might remember him as the publisher of MacAddict magazine. The app is a free download—some features require an in-app purchase of $2.99.

Check It Out: An App that Automatically Notifies People of Your Trip Progress

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  1. CudaBoy

    Next, I will be listing the first 24 issues w/discs of CD ROM Today as well, another ‘Imagine’ published mag of the time that had both PC and Mac stuff on it.

  2. CudaBoy

    Good ol’ MacAddict. A couple years ago I sold on Ebay the first 48 issues including CDs of MacAddict mag. The CDs used to have all sorts of fun stuff on them and before Apple got all stupid they would have official Apple software updates on them. I don’t know who Don Kimenker is though as MacAddict was published by Susan Janus for Imagine Media and Rob Capps and David Reynolds were the Editors in the ‘glory’ days.

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