Apple Commercial for iPhone XS Max: ‘Everything You Love Just Got Bigger’

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Apple released a new commercial Friday called Growth Spurt. It has a catchy tune (“Catch My Breath” by Confidence Man) and some cool effects, but I don’t love it. I think it’s because I don’t buy into the central premise of the piece—that the things you take a picture of grow in real life—and how that directly connects to the iPhone XS Max’s existence. And to be fair Apple brings it home in the fadeout shot as the iPhone XS Max grows larger behind the iPhone XS. I usually love Apple’s spots, so this is a rare miss for me. What do you think?

Check It Out: Apple Commercial for iPhone XS Max: ‘Everything You Love Just Got Bigger’

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  1. eolake

    I’m all for the idea that they should make a smaller model again. Diversity is all the rage after all. For myself though, the main reason I got a new phone this year is that I wanted THE MAX.

  2. domsin

    Bryan, I totally agree with you. The Catch My Breath advertisement strikes me as, well, pretty stupid to put it bluntly. Not only that but the current lineup of iPhones forces us into bigger phones. I am very happy with my iPhone SE, which is now discontinued, but I had to purchase a new phone for my wife and the only one that she could comfortably hold in her hand was the iPhone XS. I would have liked to get her the iPhone XR but that is even bigger! Apple, if you are reading, bring back a smaller form factor! Please!

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