Apple would very much like for this to be a post-PC era, thank you very much. The company has a new spot out called What’s a computer that does a pretty job of making the case that the iPad does everything a computer does. Especially, or at least, if you’re young. It follows a young woman through her life while she sends things, FaceTimes, looks up stuff on the internet, does school work, sheens around on her bike with iPad on her back, listens to music, draws with Apple Pencil, and more. At the end, her mom comes out and asks what she’s doing with her computer. The young woman looks over her shoulder and casually responds, “What’s a computer?” I’d love your thoughts.

Check It Out: Apple iPad Commercial Asks, ‘What’s a Computer?’

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  1. Gitan

    If the kid is too stupid to know what a computer is, perhaps it doesn’t need that gadget it’s playing with. What a retarded commercial.

  2. Jamie

    If the answer to that question is, ‘A computer is an iPad!’, then I guess a computer is a thing you give to your kids way before you should that makes them completely inept at understanding or interacting with physical reality or its concepts and the people and things in it. 😛 😛

  3. JBSlough

    It has a processor, RAM, storage, and a display. Uses Touch interface instead of a keyboard and mouse. Mmmm. Sounds like a computer to me. Heard all these arguments before when the Mac came out. And when desktop computers arrived too. It does what you need it to do. Period.

  4. eolake

    I liked it.
    I like iPad a lot, I use it much more these days than my Mac.

    What the heck was that thing, how she closed the Apple half-case?? That was impressive.

  5. photonopticum

    The iPad is clearly (developing into) a device serving the market of where the puck will be. Observing the computing behavior of younger folks and children makes it very clear that their agenda is to get a task done. They choose – and in many cases have the luxury to do so – the tool most appropriate for the task at hand, which is more often than not a mobile device. On the contrary, the focus of typical old fashioned folks is on how to do a task and how to use the computer to do so, which has very much to do with how they/we have been trained and growing up. This behavior and the way of thinking is engrained and hard to change. One needs to let go in order to use an iPad to its fullest potential.
    I personally enjoy the implementation of even my elderly iPad (4th gen) in my hobbyist/enthusiast DSLR photography workflow. I can get single tasks (e.g. working on & finishing individual images) done. However, the iPad does in its current state of software not replace a desktop-computer workflow. That’s Apples fault and I could rant about that for a while.
    And about reading books in trees – ever since I can think, cool kids read books sitting in trees. Of course I tried it many times, it is uncomfortable as heck. But it’s the thought that counts….

  6. PSMacintosh

    Apple should not be knocking computers.
    Computers are what built them……and are still what I want from them.
    They better protect their assets!

    I was a really active (sports) kid.
    Yet I never lay in a tree (ouch) to read a book, etc.. Just doesn’t happen for 99.9% of us. We’re smarter than that.
    When we want to do work, we want a “good” and comfortable work surface for that.
    No lying on the grass with ants crawling on ya’. Bad posture. Unsteady work surfaces. Poor light conditions.
    Come on. Get real Apple!

    When I want to do “computer work” (from emails onward), I want a large screen, full keyboard, and ergonomic work environment. I need to put in hours to get things done and I want to come out feeling healthy at the end of it.

    Why doesn’t Apple realize the high value of good ergonomics anymore. Much more important and primary, than so many other “features” and “style”.
    You hear about the “environment ” from Apple, but you never hear anymore about good, healthy computing ergonomics.
    It really went out with the hockey puck mouse, thin keyboard, and “glare” screen glass era.

    What until the millennials hit their 50s. Doctor’s bills are coming.

  7. CudaBoy

    Like we need more evidence of the psychological ,intellectual and social damage that these Toys provide…. now they tout the ignorance of today’s kids? What’s a computer? Really? Cute.

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