Steve Jobs’s obsession over every aspect of a device being important is legendary. He famously (and infamously to some)  demanded that the insides of a sealed machine—even the circuit boards—be just as aesthetically pleasing as the outside. Reuters has an interesting piece about Apple Campus 2.0, and how Apple’s current leadership is applying that same penchant for detail to this building. Pipe that you can’t see. Wires that you can’t see. That sort of thing. Some of you are instantly getting tense because you would rather Apple be spending that time and attention to, say, new Macs. Or iPads. Or AirPort devices. Or a 5K display worthy of a Mac. Or something other than new iPhones. I’m still just as tense as I have been about those things, but the reality is I’m glad Apple is being all obsessive about Apple Campus 2.0. This building is just as much Steve Jobs’s legacy as Apple itself. I imagine it’s important to his survivors at Apple that they treat this building as he would have treated it. I can’t help but think working in a living reminder of this aspect of Steve Jobs will help make future products that much better. One way or another, go read the Reuters piece. It’s really good.

Check It Out: On Obsessing Over Details at Apple Campus 2.0 (Like Steve Jobs Would Have)

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  1. d'monder

    Pipe that you can’t see. Wires that you can’t see.

    Pipes and wires which are critical to the building doing its job. 🙂

    Having it done right will pay serious dividends in the decades ahead.

  2. Old UNIX Guy

    Let Jony Ive go wild on things like this building and the Apple Stores … just keep him away from the Mac! Maybe then instead of the next MacBook Pro being 0.0000000000001 mm thinner than the previous one, we’ll actually get a MacBook *Pro*.

    Old UNIX Guy

  3. John Kheit

    Really!? This is where they decide to ask what would Steve do. Not with regard to releasing products regularly because “real artists ship” but is this door handle a perfect complement to the bathroom icon. Good grief, the band on the titanic made better decisions. Pathetic

  4. akcarver

    Let us not forget that Steve’s last public appearance was at the Cupertino City Hall announcing this building. That is all I need to know to appreciate their attention to it.

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