Apple veteran (officially employee #8) Chris Espinosa has some very interesting comments on the launch of HyperCard, which turned 30 years old today. Mr. Espinosa worked on the original Mac, and was also on the HyperCard team, and in the Twitter thread below, he offers his memories of its 1987 launch. If you enjoy Apple lore, it’s a must-read.

Check It Out: Apple Veteran Chris Espinosa on the Launch of Hyper Card

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  1. davidneale

    Loved HyperCard and still do. Unfortunately, of course, it is unusable on today’s equipment, so I use a poor substitute instead, LiveCode. It gets the job done, but is nowhere near as elegant as HC and the documentation is terrible (a printed set of documentation was recently offered at an exorbitant price; I thought it would be better than the PDF stuff, so got it, and it turned out to be a print-out of that PDF stuff without index or TOC!).
    Oh for the days of beautiful HC and its lovely language and documentation!
    The worst thing Apple ever did was to scrap HC, probably the best thing they ever did.

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