Apple announced Apple Card, the company’s new branded credit card issued by Goldman Sachs, during the “It’s Showtime” event on Monday. Apple Card will be released in May, but Apple has a promotional video out now. While we’re working on all those detail, here’s the video:

Check It Out: Apple Video: Introducing Apple Card

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  1. grouse675

    I get that Gruber and others are griping about the ‘low interest rates’ thing, but given that they pay you cash back instantly, and there are no charges at all, it seems a really decent deal. Most low interest rate cards have a yearly fee, and all have some other fees. And yes, credit card interest rates are unfairly high in general, but since they need to be backed by a bank for this (for now?) they probably don’t have total freedom in setting these rates.

    Also, looks like that promo video was put together in Chicago, nice change, especially since they are bringing in iPhone for the CTA later this year, Loving the Chicago love, Apple.

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