The Digital Crown on your Apple Watch Series 2 can wake up your watch screen and control its brightness, too. TMO’s Jeff Gamet calls this his movie theater feature because you can discreetly check your watch display without disturbing anyone around you. Follow along with our video tip to learn how it works.

Check It Out: Use the Digital Crown to Control Your Apple Watch Series 2 Screen Brightness

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  1. BooBoo Bear

    Thanks Jeff. I’ll have to go to my local Apple Store and try on the aluminum space black AW and the plain aluminum. Best!

  2. BooBoo Bear

    Hi Jeff:
    Tried your tip out and then realized I don’t have an Apple Watch Series 2 yet. Whoops!

    I’m thinking of getting an Apple Watch Series 2 and I was wondering if you have a stainless steel or an aluminum one?

    Thanks for letting me know since I’m on the fence. My original Apple Watch (Series 0) is stainless steel.


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