Shown during Apple’s Spring 2021 event, Clips update 3.1 adds a feature called AR Spaces. Using the LiDAR sensor on your iPhone 12 Pro | iPad Pro, you can scan a room and see a live preview of effects that bring dynamic lighting, falling objects, and immersive scenes to life. You will see effects appear on walls, floors, surfaces, furniture, and objects. Using AR segmentation and occlusion, Clips recognizes people in the video and projects the AR Spaces effects in front of and behind them, making it feel as if the effects are all around the space and subjects. AR Spaces can also be combined with all of the animated stickers, text labels, and emoji overlays — and can be recorded in all aspect ratios in Clips, including 9:16 vertical, 16:9 horizontal, and square.

Check It Out: Create AR Spaces With LiDAR in ‘Clips’ Update 3.1

Create AR Spaces With LiDAR in ‘Clips’ Update 3.1
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