Bricklayer Falling Domino Trick with Killer Finishing Move

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Human ingenuity! I love it. Check out these Aussie bricklayers (via Gizmodo). They built a falling-dominos thing out of bricks. The slow motion pace and clunk of the brinks is satisfying to watch and hear, but boom! The finishing move is way cool. It’s only 52 seconds, but it’s the final few seconds that are the really, really cool part of this video. Hats off, Aussie bricklayers. The beers are on me next time I’m Down Under.

Check It Out: Bricklayer Falling Domino Trick with Killer Finishing Move

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  1. Oh!!! I guess they actually were NOT flipping backwartds as I first thought; when the last one flipped (going rightwards) & it became the first flipped brick to not be held at a ≤20° angle by the subsequent flipped brick, but instead rested flat horizontally with its vertical near edge thus rotated beyond the far edge of the previous brick, the previous brick ( which had been ≤20° slanted) then fell flat without any brick to its right to lift its far edge anymore, & each brick to the left then cascaded thus flat.

    Amazing precision; each flattened brick fell quite square, with hardly any space b/w its adjacent fallen bricks!!!

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