Plenty of musicians use iPads during their performances and some even use them to help enhance their shows, too. But iPads as all of the musical instruments? That’s what one band is doing, and it’s pretty amazing. They’re playing GarageBand instruments in real time and capturing their performance with SoundTap. It’s part of of a performance at the International Society for Technology in Education in Austin. The clip is short because it’s on Instagram, but it’s also long enough to see just how cool a full iPad band can sound.

Check It Out: Here’s a Band that Uses Only iPads for their Musical Instruments

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  1. JonGl

    Check out Kraftwork if you want to know their inspiration. Oh, and Kraftwork has used iPads too, 🙂

  2. Lee Dronick

    I guess that they are not in the State of Maine where iPads are considered toys and not suitable for “real work”.

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